What was the condition of the two rivers sher singh had to cross and how he crossed them

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 3rd Nov, 2017, 06:03: AM

Expert Answer:

When Sher Singh reached the first river, a herd of elephants came up to the river bed in search of food. Sher Singh was gripped with fear when one of the wild tuskers turned in Sher Singh and his brother's direction. However, after a while, the herd hurried ooff the river bed. Sher Singh the waded through the river water to reach the second river. He was comforted by the fact that there is a makeshift bridge over the second river and crossing the river won't be a hurdle. However, on reaching the river he was shattered to find out that the gushing waters had broken down the bridge and got swept away with the tide of water. He crossed the clod and flooded river on the wreck of the bridge tying his brother with him. The ear-shattering noise of the river water made him virtually deafening. However, when the force weakend, Sher Singh somehow got himself and his brother out of the water. 

Answered by Athira | 3rd Nov, 2017, 03:59: PM

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