What was Helen's temperament like during her early years?  What signs of early progress did Helen show ?

Asked by pdcavita | 23rd Nov, 2017, 09:48: PM

Expert Answer:

In the immediate aftermath of her illness, Helen communicated with crude signs and body language. However, soemtimes she could not understand anyone and peoplearoundherfailed to gauge what she said. This made the young Helen angry and she had fits of temper. As Helen grew older, so did her frustration with not being able to properly express herself. She would have many terrible fits of anger that deeply troubled her parents. She explains that her temper tantrums were a result of feeling angered by being trapped in a world she didn't understand and her poor behavior a result of having no way to learn morals.
Before the illness, Helen used to imitate others and also spoke out, "How d'ye" and "Tea, tea, tea".

Answered by  | 27th Nov, 2017, 10:28: AM

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