What volume of .1M Ca (OH)2 is sufficient to neutralise 100 ml solution containing .1N HCl and .1N H2SO4

Asked by vishakhachandan026 | 19th Apr, 2019, 10:16: AM

Expert Answer:

In case neutralisation
Mili equivalents of base  = Mili equivalents of acid
0.1 cross times straight V equals 0.1 cross times 100 plus 0.1 cross times 100 space left parenthesis Mili space equivalents space equals straight N space cross times thin space straight V right parenthesis
straight V equals fraction numerator 0.2 cross times 100 over denominator 0.1 end fraction
straight V equals 200 ml

Answered by Ravi | 19th Apr, 2019, 10:43: AM