What type of lever is is weighing machine 

Asked by Ritu | 4th Feb, 2017, 10:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Considering a mechanical weighing machine, we learn the following aspects:
  1. The weighing machine has point of 'effort' at one of its end i.e at point A in the figure.
  2. At the centre of the mechanism, the machine mechanism has a 'fulcrum' which transfers the effort made by a weight on the machine towards the load indicator.Point C and D in the figure.
  3. At point E, the machine indicates the magnitude of the load exerted upon it.
Therefore, as the machine has the effort and the load at one of its ends and the fulcrum in between, we conclude that a weighing machine is a first class lever.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 6th Feb, 2017, 09:57: AM