What should be my timetable to study for the icse board exams from now- the 10 subjects being eng lit.,eng lang,maths,phy,chem,bio,h/c,geo,hindi and computer applications? 
How many hours should i study In a day ?from 10 days i m not being able to study for even a few hours because of tension ,so i have asked your help to help me prepare timetable ? And what should my preparations be before the exam in these 18 to 19 days ?

Asked by imabhi264 | 18th Feb, 2017, 04:42: PM

Expert Answer:

It is natural to experience exam-related stress a few days before the exam. But to be very honest, stress only decreases your productivity. I am sure you are prepared for your upcoming exams and it is only anxiety that is causing the worry. Please read our blog post about tips on handling exam related stress by clicking on the following link:
Also, every student's routine is different so it is not possible to give a timetable. However, to summarise, do not study only one subject every day. study three to four subjects each day and divide the time between difficult and hard subjects. Strike a balance between studies and relaxation. Do not ignore your diet and sleep. Stop panicking over 'Oh My God Exams!" Remember, you have been studying throughout the year. The only way to further boost your preparation is practising past year papers and writing in a neat handwriting. You can practise past year and previous year papers on TopperLearning here: http://www.topperlearning.com/study/icse/class-10/b110c2
Keep calm, and Good Luck for your exam! 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 20th Feb, 2017, 09:51: AM

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