what rules should i know to name this compound?

Asked by Aradhana Goswami | 20th Feb, 2014, 09:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Firstly, the given compound is incorrect; the valency of the carbon is incorrect. The correct structure should be as follows:

The rules for the naming of the compound are as follows:

Branched chain alkanes

! Identify the longest chain of carbon atoms; this “parent chain” provides the root name.

(When there are two or more parent chains of identical length, choose the parent chain with the greater number of substituents. )

Here, The longest chain is having 7 carbon atoms but doesnot have any functional group in the chain.

Thus, we will choose the carbon chain having the substituent/functional group.

! Identify and name the substituent(s).

Thus, the name of the given compound is: 2-propyl pentane-1-ol

Answered by  | 21st Feb, 2014, 01:16: PM

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