What problem will I have in using a laboratory thermometer to measure my body temperature?

Asked by Suman | 7th Jun, 2017, 07:48: PM

Expert Answer:

  1. A clinical or a medical thermometer is used to measure the temperature of a human body and a laboratory thermometer is used measure laborotical materials. 
  2. The usual range of a clinical or a medical thermometer is from 35o C to 42o C whereas the range of laborotical thermometer is -10o C to 100 o C.
  3. The medical thermometer is designed in a way that the mercury level holds itself to a particular temperature for a considerable amount of time even if it is no more in contact with the body.
  4. Whereas, the design of laboratory thermometer is in such a way that the alcohol present inside it indicates the immidiate level of the temperature of the body in contact.
  5. This variation in time for which the indicated temperature is held causes innacuracy in the temperature reading.
  6. Therefore, due to vast difference in the range of operating temperature and the difference in time for which the indicated temperature is held at that level, laboratory thermometers cannot be used to measure body temperature. 

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 8th Jun, 2017, 03:38: PM