What precautions should be taken while holding radioactive substances ?

Why copper cannot beused as a fuse wire ?

Asked by DILIP | 6th Feb, 2019, 07:19: PM

Expert Answer:

1.Radiation from radioactive substances like alpha, beta, gamma ray can damage human tissues as well can mutate human DNA. Alteration in tissue damage cause cancer like terminated illness . That's why precautions should be taken from radiation.  These radiation is also known ionising radiation. 
2.copper has melting point much more than Tin. So if a high amount of current will flow copper will not melt itself to break the circuit and this can damage electrical equipment.  But if tin  was used it will melt itself so that current in the circuit become zero and electrical equipment will remain safe.

Answered by Ankit K | 6th Feb, 2019, 10:31: PM