what physics lies behind breaking wooden boards or bricks by a karate punch?

Asked by gnikhilvarma | 31st May, 2009, 06:21: PM

Expert Answer:

One of the most important elements in karate is following through on punches and kicks. When you hit something, say a piece of board, your natural instinct is to slow down your swing just before impact; you hesitate because you don't want to hurt your hand. Karatekas deprogram this hesitation instinct; they visualize pushing their fist to some point past their target (the other side of the board, for example). To maximize the force of each movement, it's essential that the karateka follows through. Before each attack, karatekas take a deep breath. As they release the punch or kick, they let this breath out. This helps them focus on each movement.

Answered by  | 31st May, 2009, 07:32: PM

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