What moral values or lessons do you learn from the Poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'? (Value-based, answer the question in about 120 words).

Asked by Ŝũmiť Ğőyãĺ | 14th Nov, 2014, 10:29: PM

Expert Answer:

The first lesson that I learnt is that of gratitude. The mariner was an ingrate who repaid the kindness of the albatross with utmost cruelty. By shooting the bird down with his crossbow, the mariner demonstrates one of the most unforgivable acts.  One has to be grateful even for the smallest of mercies. Even if one is incapable of repaying the act of kindness, one should never forget somebody’s benevolence.

The second lesson that I have learnt is that of respect. Every creature, big or small, is a reflection of god.  The albatross was a manifestation of divine spirit.  It lead the ship and the mariners out of the dangerous fog. Killing it was a sign of the mariner’s disrespect

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 15th Nov, 2014, 04:26: PM

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