what materials are absorbed in the nephron when blood passes through it?

Asked by  | 6th May, 2008, 01:06: PM

Expert Answer:

bowmans capsule is the hollow cup like structure enclosing a network of blood capillaries called glomerulus so in these water ,urea ,uric acid, creatinine,amino acids, glucose, sodium n potasim salts r absorbed from blood n this filterate is called glomerular filtrate which passes through other parts of nephron

in PCT most amino acids , vit C , sodium n potasium ions, calcium ions n chloride ions r reabsorbed from the glomerular filterate by diffusion n r passed back into blod

in DCT some sodium n chloride  and water r reabsorbed from glomerular filterate n passed into blood n inturn K passes out in urine

Answered by  | 7th May, 2008, 03:32: PM

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