What kind of lives did the workers lead during the Industrial Revolution?  

Asked by gganga | 11th May, 2016, 04:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Workers coming from the rural countryside had to rely on friendship and kin relations to get jobs in the industrial towns. If they didn't get jobs soon, many had to spend nights like destitutes, often checking into establishments like Night Refuges and Casual Wards. Seasonality of factory work meant that workers also had to make do with odd city jobs or return to the countryside during lean periods. And even when they had work, the wages were low and depended on how many days of employmnt was available. Moreover, the introduction of new technologies like the Spinning Jenny made life more difficult for the workers. It was only after the 1840s that they got more regular and steady employment in the cities. This was so because this period saw an extreme increase in the construction activity in cities.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 11th May, 2016, 05:22: PM

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