What is use of Geometry in daily live explain in 2-3 paragraph.

Asked by swaijitsingh | 20th May, 2016, 06:12: PM

Expert Answer:

Geometry is divided into two parts: Plane geometry and solid geometry.
In plane geometry, we learn about line, angle, circles, quadrilateral, two dimensional geometry, triangles etc.
In solid geometry, we learn about various shapes like cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, sphere etc. and three dimensional geometry.
Plane geometry is used extensively by architects and civil engineers for housing project, industrial construction etc. The aesthetics and cost of the project depend on meticulous use of geometry in planning. Engineers and designers take help of geometry to make optimum use of space available for a construction and to adhere to a particular style. We need to calculate perimeter of a land to estimate the cost of its fencing and also the area of the land to estimate its market value.
Geometry is also used for computer imaging that is used for creating animation and video games.
The space based navigatiion system GPS is entirely based on geometry. We use geometry in GPS to determine the coordinates of a particular location. GPS is used in metereology and also in defense.
Solid geometry has equally wide-spread application in real life. A very basic example is the cylinderical water tank used for storing water. The capacity of the tank can be found by calculating the volume of the cylinder. All the appliances we use at home including table, chair, phone, cooker, water bottles, bed, cupboard, laptop etc are designed satisfying certain geometrical conditions so as to make it useful for us. Geometry is also used in other advanced science and technology such as robotics, manufacturing, medicine, information system and physical sciences. 

Answered by satyajit samal | 22nd May, 2016, 04:04: PM

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