what is treaty of vienna

Asked by adityadevadi2 | 3rd Feb, 2021, 10:32: AM

Expert Answer:

In 1815, the representatives of the European powers - Britain, Russia,Prussia and Austria wanted to establish long-lasting peace and stability after they defeated Napolean.
Thus, they drew up the Treaty of Vienna of 1815 with the intention of changing most of the changes brought about during the Napoleonic wars and creating a new conservative order in Europe.
Some of its result were:
  • The Bourbon dynasty was brought back to power and France lost the territories it had annexed under Napoleon.
  • To prevent the French evasion, a series of states were set up on the boundaries of France.
  • This lead to the setting up of kingdom of the Netherlands (inclusive of Belgium) in the north and the kingdom of Genoa (added to Piedmont) in the south.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 3rd Feb, 2021, 06:03: PM