What is transformation of energy? Explain with any two suitable examples. b) What must be the velocity of a moving body of mass 2 kg so that its K.E. is 25 J? c) Represent graphically constant force acting on a body producing a displacement along the direction of motion on a force-displacement graph. What is the significance of forcedisplacement graph?

Asked by Yashraj Limkar | 6th Feb, 2014, 05:08: PM

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Dear Yashraj
Transformation of Energy:
  • Energy can be changed from one form to another.
  • The change of energy from one form to another is called as the transformation or conversion of energy.


  1. The electrical energy in an electric bulb is converted into heat and light energy.
  2. The electrical energy in an electromagnet is converted into magnetic energy.
  3. A cell or a battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
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