what is torque with example ?

Asked by Bharat Yadav | 4th Jul, 2015, 10:42: PM

Expert Answer:

The turning effect of a force about the axid of rotation is called torque (moment of force). It is measured as a product of the magnitude of the force and the perpendiculare distance of the line of action of the force from the axis of rotation (moment arm). It is also called as torque of force.
Thus, torque = force x perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation. Its SI unit is newton metre (Nm). The torque or the moment of forece is a vector quantity.

1. Hinged Doors: The opening of a door and its hinges is caused by torque, and the hinges are the pivot point. If you try to open a door by pushing on the door near its hinges, it most likely will not open because there is not enough torque to force it to do so. The length of the moment arm when the door is pushed near the hinges is not large enough to supply enough torque to open the door. Thus, to open the door, you have to push on the side of the door opposite from the hinges to provide a substantial moment arm which allows for an increased torque to open the door.
2. Seesaws: In seesaw, one sits on end of the seesaw and another person sits on the other end and one person is heavier than the other. By sitting closer to the pivot, the heavier person can decrease their torque because the length of the moment arm will be shorter than that of the smaller person. The smaller lever arm results in smaller torque allowing lighter people to lift the heavier ones.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 5th Jul, 2015, 12:46: AM

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