What is thermal equilibrium and equation of continuity?

Asked by Arjun | 29th Sep, 2017, 05:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Thermal equilibrium: It is a state for a system when all the bodies in it are at equal temperature with respect to each other. Hence, no heat will flow between two bodies in thermal equilibrium.

Equation of continuity: This equation states that when a fluid is in motion, the mass should be conserved. A fluid may flow in a tube which is not uniform. Hence, this equation comes to help. At each point in the tube, the mass will be conserved. Mathematically, it is given as A1V1 = A2V2. Here, A1 and A2 are the areas of two points along the tube primarily the areas of inlet and outlet and V1 and V2are the velocities of flow of fluid at the inlet and outlet.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 25th Oct, 2017, 04:25: PM

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