What is the value of conductivity of a semiconductor at absolute zero?explain how?

Asked by monicasyal | 21st Dec, 2009, 09:50: AM

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Hi dear,

Semiconductor is a material that has conductivity intermediate between that of an insulator and a conductor.

A semiconductor , at absolute zero, uppermost filled electron energy band is fully filled in a semiconductor , but partially filled in a conductor. As the temperature of semi conductor rises above absolute zero, there is more energy in the semiconductor to spend on lattice vibration and lifting some electrons into an energy state of the conduction band.

The electrical conductivity for semi conductors ranges from about 103 to 10 -9 ohm -1 cm-1 , as compared with maximum conductivity of 10 7 for good conductors and minimum conductivity for insulators of 10 -17 ohm -1cm-1 .

A absolute zero, the conduction band is seperated from the valence band by an energy gap which is also am important characteristic of semi conductor.

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