What is the shortest wave length in Paschen series of hydrogen spectrum. A) 8206 angstrom units B) 6208 angstrom units C) 5494 angstorm units D) 4945 angstorm units Pls explain the answer & tell me the concept !!!!

Asked by GeoffreyRichards | 23rd Nov, 2010, 05:50: PM

Expert Answer:

Rydberg formula

The energy differences between levels in the Bohr model, and hence the wavelengths of emitted/absorbed photons, is given by the Rydberg formula

where n is the initial energy level, n′ is the final energy level, and R is the Rydberg constant

For Paschen series : n'  = 3


for shortest wavelengh (λs )  1/λs  which means n=∞ in above equation 


which gives λs =8206 angstrom

Answered by  | 24th Nov, 2010, 11:26: AM

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