what is the relation between centripetal force and centrifugal force ?

Asked by kcg3 | 28th Sep, 2015, 10:02: PM

Expert Answer:

Centripetal force is a force required to move a body unirformly in a circle.It acts along the radius and towrds the central of the circle.
whereas, centrifugal force is a force arises when a body is moving actually along a circular path,  by vieture of tendancy of the body to regain its natural straigh line path.
The direction of centrifugal force is along the radius and away from the centre of the circle.
Hence, the centripetal force can be treated as the reaction of the centripetal force. 

Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 29th Sep, 2015, 10:19: AM

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