What is the primary sense organ in snakes used for detecting other animals ?

Asked by  | 21st Apr, 2008, 08:15: AM

Expert Answer:


Snakes use smell to track their prey. It smells by using its forked tongue to collect airborne particles then passing them to the Jacobson's organ or the Vomeronasal organ in the mouth for examination.

The eyes initiate the visual prey response, then the senses of smell or thermosensitivity come into play

The part of the body which is in direct contact with the surface of the ground is very sensitive to vibration, thus a snake is able to sense other animals approaching through detecting faint vibrations in the air and on the ground.

Infrared sensitivity helps snakes locate nearby prey, especially warm-blooded mammals

Answered by  | 25th Apr, 2008, 01:08: PM

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