what is the need of the wax cuticle present on the upper and the lower surface of a leaf?

Asked by Mitali Joshi | 10th Sep, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

It mainly functions as a permeability barrier for water and other molecules. The plant cuticle together with stomata, xylem and phloem and intercellular spaces enabled plant shoots exploring aerial environments to conserve water by internalising the gas exchange surfaces, enclosing them in a waterproof membrane and providing a variable-aperture control mechanism.

In addition it confers specialised surface properties that prevent contamination of plant tissues with external water, dirt and microorganisms. The waxy sheet of cuticle also functions in defense, forming a physical barrier that resists penetration by virus particles, bacterial cells, and the spores or growing filaments of fungi.

Answered by  | 15th Sep, 2011, 12:19: PM

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