What is the microscopic form of ohm's law ?

Asked by NAKSHATRA | 4th Aug, 2014, 06:36: PM

Expert Answer:

The microscopic form of Ohm's law is J =σ E, where σ is the electrical conductivity, E the electric field and J the current density .
This form of Ohm's law operates on a microscopic level relating the current density J to the conductivity σ and the electric field E.
We know that the current I = A nevd 
             where A is the area of cross-section ,n the number density of electrons, e the charge on each electron and vd the drift velocity of electrons.
Current density J at a point in a conductor is the amount of current flowing per unit area of the conductor around that point provided the area is held in a direction normal to the current.
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Answered by Jyothi Nair | 5th Aug, 2014, 10:21: AM