What is the meaning of hybridized sp2 carbon atom? how to find sp2 c atom in aromatic compounds?

Asked by naveen.mohandas | 30th Oct, 2010, 09:31: PM

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In sp2 type of hybridisation atom involves one 's' and two 'p' orbitals. These orbitals get hybridised to form three equivalent orbitals called 'sp2' hybrid orbitals. The bond angle between the two hybridised orbital is 120°.
In case of carbon, the 2s and two of three 2p (px, pand pz) orbitals of excited carbon atom hybridize to form three sp2 hybridized orbitals of equivalent energy and identical shape. Each orbital is called sp2 hybrid orbital.
By observing the structure of a molecule we can predict the state of hybridization of carbon. A carbon atom which is directly bonded to three other atoms is sp2 hybridized.
In case of aromatic compounds, the molecules are built from hydrogen atoms (1s1) and carbon atoms (1s22s22px12py1). Each carbon atom has to join to three other atoms (one hydrogen and two carbons) through one double and two single bonds. Thus,
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