What is the mass of calcium carbonate precipitated when calcium chloride solution is added to a solution containing 21.2g of sodium carbonate?

RMM of sodium carbonate = 106

RMM of calcium carbonate = 100

Asked by ben_kpg | 20th Jun, 2019, 04:12: PM

Expert Answer:

NaCO3 + CaCl2 →  NaCl + CaCO3

The relative molar mass of NaCO3  is 106 g per mole.
This means mass of 1 mole of NaCO3 = 106 g
Number space of space moles space equals fraction numerator Given space mass over denominator Mola space mass end fraction space equals space fraction numerator 21.2 over denominator 106 end fraction space equals space 0.2 space mol

1 mole of NaCO3 liberates 1 mole of CaCO3
Therefore 0.2 mole of NaCO3 liberates 0.2 mole of CaCO3
= 100×0.2    .......................... (relative molar mass of CaCO3=100)
= 20g

Answered by Ramandeep | 21st Jun, 2019, 02:07: PM