what is the importance of biodiversity

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Expert Answer:

Biodiversity has economic, aesthetic or recreational value.
1.      It maintains the quality of soil air and water.  The activities of microbial and animal species – including bacteria, algae, fungi, mites, millipedes and worms – condition soils, break down complex organic matter, and release essential nutrients to plants. Similarly, plant species purify the air.
2.      Pollination and seed dispersal: Many flowering plants rely on the activities of animal species such as bees, butterflies, bats, birds, etc. for pollination and seed dispersal.
3.      Prevention and mitigation of natural disasters
and grasslands protect landscapes against erosion, nutrient loss, and landslides through the binding action of roots.
4.      Biodiversity provides the vast majority of our foodstuffs.
5.      Human beings derive aesthetic and spiritual satisfaction from biodiversity.

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