what is the function of auxin and how does it help in growth and food manufacture?besides auxin,is there any hormone which helps in production of food .elaborate

Asked by mrinalchatterjee | 20th Sep, 2010, 05:30: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Auxins play important role to initiate or promote cell division activity in the cambial layer.Auxin causes causes softening of the cell wall by removing the calcium linkage between the pectin chains and as a result cells increase in volume.

  • Auxin helps in callus formation and helps to overcome apical dominance.

  • Auxin promotes formation of buds ,flowers .Auxin helps in development of fruits in non pollinated flowers -a phenomenon called parthenocarpic fruit formation.

  • Auxins make fruits and seeds dormant so it is used for storage of fruits and seeds.


    Auxins and gibberellins both help in increasing the yield of food crops.

    Answered by  | 20th Sep, 2010, 11:25: PM

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