what is the formula for measuring distance from earth to sun? sir?

Asked by  | 24th Jul, 2009, 08:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Usually Parallax method is used to find out the distance between stars an d Earth.The shift in the position of object due to change in the point of observation ( from right eye to left) is called parallax.

Distance between the two points of observation is called basis.While measuring distance of distant stars , this angle is ver small. To make the angle appreciable we select a large basis equal to the diameter of the orbit of earth around the sun.

Let θ be the angle subtended by star on the diameter of earth orbit round the sun. Then,

θ = d / s

Knowing d and θ , value of 's' (distance of the star from earth) can be calculated.

Answered by  | 26th Jul, 2009, 07:23: PM

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