What is the effect of air pollution on life in general?

Asked by Abi123736 | 27th Dec, 2015, 04:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Some effects of air pollution are:

  • Air pollution causes several respiratory and heart problems among humans. Children who are frequently exposed in polluted air suffer from asthma and pneumonia.
  • Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which results in global warming. It is released into atmosphere as a result of industrial pollution, burning of fuel and vehicular traffic. The increased percentage of carbon dioxide results in global warming. The latter leads to increase in temperature, melting of ice and subsequent increase in sea level, displacement ad loss of habitats etc.
  • Air pollution also affect the wild life. Some animals which are not able to adjust themselves to warmer conditions due to greenhouse effect can become extinct in course of time. Many of them also migrate to other regions. This affects the biodiversity of the region.
  •  One of the significant effect of air pollution is the depletion of the ozone layer. The ozone layer act as a protective covering and does not allow the harmful UV rays of the Sun to reach the surface of the Earth. These rays can cause skin cancer and other problems among the humans. These rays can also adversely affect the crop production. The depletion of ozone is a result of the emission of CFCs in the atmosphere.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 28th Dec, 2015, 03:05: PM

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