What is the direction of torque and please also resolve the force in the given figure?
Please explain the direction of torque and resolve the force using your diagram.

Asked by Varsneya Srinivas | 11th Oct, 2016, 12:17: PM

Expert Answer:

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Going by the figure provided by you in the query, force F already seems to be resolved as it is purely a vertical component (parallel to y axis and directed along the negative y axis).It should be noted that only inclined forces can be resolved into a vertical (along the y axis) and a horizontal (along the x axis) component. Also, the torque provided by this force F will be directed purely along the direction of the force i.e (along the negative y axis).

Therefore, we suggest that you check the question for any typographical error (if at all) and repost the rectified query or consider the above facts as the solution.
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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 12th Oct, 2016, 06:54: PM