What is the direction of the diffusion current in the PN Junction ( n-type to p-type or p-type to n-type )?
Please explain the reason also.

Asked by damarlasumanjali | 23rd Jul, 2015, 10:16: AM

Expert Answer:

A pn junction is formed when a p-type semiconductor is fused with a n-type semiconductor.
On one side of the junction, p-type carriers, i.e. holes are in a majority and on the other side, n-type carriers, i.e. electrons are in a majority.
Due to this difference, the holes from p side move to the n side and the electrons from n side move to the p side causing a current to develop in the semiconductor called the diffusion current.
Hence, one can say that the direction of diffusion current is from n-type to p-type as well as from p-type to n-type.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 24th Jul, 2015, 11:18: AM