what is the difference in the working of split ring and full ring ?

Asked by ppratim02 | 1st Jul, 2014, 02:45: PM

Expert Answer:

In case of a generator, the direction of induced emf in the coil reverses after half revolution giving rise to the net induced emf which is alternating in nature.

Hence in order to get an alternating current across the brush terminals of the generator full rings (slip rings) are used.

Whereas to get a DC current (which is unidirectional) we are using split rings (or commutator),  so that when induced emf reverses across the ends of the coil, the brush contacts also reverse, thereby keeping the current in same direction.

Hence we are using full ring for producing AC current and split ring for producing DC current.

Answered by Ravindra Kapal | 2nd Jul, 2014, 04:13: PM