what is the difference between travelling wave and stationary wave?

Asked by Mihir Date | 19th Mar, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
Travelling waves transport energy from one area of space to another, whereas standing waves do not transport energy. Also, points on a standing wave oscillate in phase, whereas on a travelling wave only points a wavelength apart oscillate in phase - the rest on that wavelength oscillate out of phase with the original point.Standing waves occur in confined spaces – in a microwave oven, on a violin string, They do not transport energy from one place to another because they are confined. The waves interfere as they move about within the space to set up a series of nodes, or points of minimum vibration, and antinodes or points of maximum vibration. The most striking feature of standing waves is that they only occur for certain frequencies.Travelling waves on the other hand actually move from place to place, transporting energy. Travelling waves can have any frequency, and can undergo interference just like standing waves.A travelling wave could be set up by a bomb exploding in the open air..
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