What is the difference between Transmitter and Transducer. Explain with example ?? 

Asked by Shivansh Rawat | 24th Nov, 2014, 05:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Transducer: It is a device or arrangement that converts one form of energy into another form. Transducers are voltage-output devices.

 A microphone that converts sound signal into electrical signal is an example of a transducer. Also, a loudspeaker is a transducer that converts electrical signal into sound signals.

Transmitter: A transmitter is an arrangement of device that converts the message signal in a form suitable for transmission and then transmits it through some suitable communication channel from one point to another point. Transmitters are current-output devices.
Pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter are examples of a transmitter.


Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 8th Dec, 2017, 07:57: PM