what is the difference between speed and velocity

Asked by NITHIN | 16th Apr, 2013, 02:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Velocity is a vector quantity it has a magnitude and a direction. While speed is a scalar quantity it has a magnitude only.

Velocity is measured as displacement per unit time. While speed is measured as distance covered per unit time.

When we say: the car is moving towards east with speed 5 m/s we actually mean the velocity, since, we are saying the direction of motion of the car also. While if we say the car is moving with speed 5 m/s we actually mean just the speed, since, no direction is assigned to the motion.

Thus, we can define velocity as: rate of change of displacement of a body. The magnitude of velocity at any instant is the speed of the body. While, speed is defined as the rate of change of distance.

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