what is the difference between rotational motion and circular motion? plz explain wd examples....what type osf motion is that of a fan?

Asked by bharti | 30th Apr, 2013, 08:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Circular motion: Circular motion is the motion of a body in a circular path. For example the motion of a stone if you tie it to a string and move it around yourself. Rotational motion: It is the motion of a body about an axis passing through the body (or sometimes an axis passing through the plane of the body, like in case of a ring). For example the spinning motion of the earth about its axis of rotation.
Motion of the fan is rotational not circular.

If we consider fan as a small particle , does it go on circular track? Of course no. Then how we can say it is in circular motion.

Actually the fan is moving about its fixed axis so its motion is rotational. Here every particle of the fan has different velocities.


Answered by  | 1st May, 2013, 10:37: AM

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