What is the difference between reflex actions and involuntary actions?

Asked by Sinjory Bose | 12th May, 2014, 03:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Reflex actions

Involuntary actions

1. Rapid automatic responses to a stimulus without the conscious involvement of the brain

1. Occurs without the conscious choice of an organism

2. Controlled by spinal cord

2. Controlled by mid brain or medulla oblongata

3. Very quick and instantaneous

3. Relatively slower

4. May involve any muscle or a gland 

4. Involves only smooth muscles

5. Can be conditioned

5. Cannot be influenced by external conditioning  

Examples: Blinking of eyes, salivation

Examples: Beating of heart, blood circulation

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 12th May, 2014, 04:42: PM