what is the difference between metallic and non metallic elements? which elements make univalent ions?

Asked by hemalatha | 6th Jan, 2014, 12:33: PM

Expert Answer:

Examples of univalent ions are : K+, Na+, F-,Cl-,Li+,Rb+,Cs+,Br-,I-

Metallic Elements 

Non-metallic Elements 

·         Metals are generally hard solid and vapourize only at high temperature.

·         Non-metals are generally soft and usually gases or liquids.

·         Metals have a lusture called metallic lusture and can be polished.

·         Non-metals lack luster.

·         Their melting and boiling points are high (except alkali metals and Hg).

·         Non-metals usually have low melting and boiling points.

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Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 7th Jan, 2014, 09:28: AM

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