What is the difference between assertive,imperative,interrogative and exclamatory sentences?? how would they be used in different sentences? How can we transform sentences in complex,compound and simple to one another?? 

Asked by Divyansh | 12th Sep, 2014, 02:03: PM

Expert Answer:

An assertive sentence is the one that is used to make simple statements. They may be positive, or negative statements. 
Honesty is the best policy. 
It is raining in Mumbai. 
An imperative sentence is used to give a command, requests, advice, proposals or suggestions.
Stop talking at once. (Order)
Please lend me your pen. (Request)
Be honest. (Advice)
Let’s go for a movie. (Suggestion)
Interrogative sentences are used to ask questions. 
What is your name? 
Do you know French? 
Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong feelings or emotions. 
What a beautiful ring!
How charming is the sunset!
Hurrah! We are going for a movie.
Alas! He is no more.
Transformation Of Sentences
Simple to Complex: Add another finite verb and use a subordinating conjunction.
Eg: Simple: Seeing the child drowning,he rushed towards it.
Complex: When he saw the child drowning, he rushed towards it.
Compound to Complex: Remove the coordinating conjunction and use a subordinating conjunction.
Eg: Compound:  It was very cold outside yet the old lady came out of the house.
 Complex: Though it was cold outside, the old lady came out of the house.
Complex to Compound: Remove the subordinating conjunction and use a coordinating conjunction. 
Eg: Complex: Although they lost the match, they enjoyed playing.
Compound: They lost the match but they enjoyed playing.
Simple to Compound: Add another finite verb  and use a coordinating conjunction.
Eg: Simple:  Being an expert orator, he gave an excellent speech.
Compound: He was an expert orator so he gave an excellent speech.
Happy Studying! 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 12th Sep, 2014, 08:34: PM