what is the derivation of E=mc^2

Asked by Gaurav Avhad | 25th Nov, 2010, 01:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
Delta x = vt
t = 2x/c
Delta x = 2vx/c
P =2 m v
E = PC, P = E/C
xm + xm = 0
(-x+delta x )(m+ delta m)+ (x+delta x)(m- deltam) =0
delta m = (m/x) (delta x)
delta m = m/x (v2x/c) = P/c
Hence, delta m = E/c^2
E = delta m c^2
E = mc^2
Hope this helps.
Thanking you

Answered by  | 25th Nov, 2010, 05:21: PM

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