what is the d/b reptilia mammalia ? give some eg

Asked by Bhumika Kemkar | 30th Nov, 2013, 08:30: PM

Expert Answer:



1.  Body is covered with dry water-proof skin having horny epidermal scales or dermal scute plates.

1. Have hair on their skin as well as sweat and oil glands.

2. Cold-blooded animals

2. Warm blooded animals


3. Oviparous i.e. they lay eggs.

3. Viviparous i.e. directly give birth to yound ones.

4. Three chambered heart.

4. Four chambered heart

5. Examples: Lizard, crocodile

5. Examples: Bat, Humans, Monkey

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 2nd Dec, 2013, 08:42: AM

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