What is the composition and function of liquid present in pleural cavity of human body  ?why is there less pressure than lungs ?

Asked by saradamahapatra9999 | 12th Sep, 2019, 11:47: AM

Expert Answer:

The liquid present in the pleural cavity is called pleural fluid.

Composition of pleural fluid:

  • 75% macrophages
  • 23% lymphocytes
  • (1% to 2%) mesothelial cells
  • (1%) neutrophils
  • (0%) eosinophils

Functions of pleural fluid:

  • It acts to lubricate the pleural surfaces.
  • This lubrication reduces friction between the two layers to prevent trauma during breathing.
  • It creates surface tension that helps maintain the position of the lungs against the thoracic wall.
  • The adhesive characteristic of the pleural fluid causes the lungs to enlarge when the thoracic wall expands during ventilation, allowing the lungs to fill with air. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 12th Sep, 2019, 02:57: PM