what is the area of triangle ?

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Expert Answer:

Area of a triangle is given as half the product of its base and the corresponding height.

Suppose there is a right angled triangle with the lengths of all sides given. The above formula can be applied directly to find the area of the right angled triangle by using two sides containing the right angle as base and height.

Now, suppose we want to find the area of an equilateral triangle PQR having sides of length 6 cm. To find the area of ?PQR, we need to find its height.

Take the mid-point of the base QR as M and join it to P. So, the height of ?PQR, corresponding to the base QR, is PM. The length of PM can be obtained by using the Pythagoras theorem in right ?PQM.
Now, the area of ?PQR can be determined by using the formula.
In a similar way we can find the area of an isosceles triangle.
Now, suppose we know the lengths of all the three sides of a scalene triangle. Then also we can find its area and the method is to use Herons formula which is as follows:

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