what is si

Asked by shibammondal491 | 7th May, 2021, 05:42: PM

Expert Answer:

I guess you are referring SI units system .
SI units sytem is called International standard units system .
In this units sytem,  units of physical quantities are expressed in terms of fundamental units .
In this units system , 7 quantities are considered as fundamental quantities .
These fundamental quantities and units of respective fundamenetal quantities are given below.
Quantity  Units
Length  metre , m
mass  kilogram, kg
time  second, s
Current  Current , A
Temperature  Kelvin, K
Amount of Substance mole
Luminous intensity Candela, Cd
Above units of fundamental quantities are called fundamental units.
Other physical quantities are called derived quantities and their units are called derived units
Example :- 
area = length × length , units m2
density = mass/volume , units kg/m3
speed = distance / time , units m/s

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 7th May, 2021, 06:44: PM