what is sex ?

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Expert Answer:

Sex is the phenomenon by which whether the newly born is a male or female is identified.


-          Uterus is a part of female reproductive system. It is a hollow pear-shaped, muscular organ.

-          It is situated in the pelvic cavity between the urinary bladder and the rectum.

-          The lower narrow part is of the uterus is the cervix.

-          The internal wall of the uterus is lined by tissue layers. The innermost layer is called endothelium which is lined by the ciliated epithelium.

-          It protects and nourishes the developing embryo.



Sperm male reproductive cell or male gamete.


Structure of sperm:

A. Acrosome:

- It is located in the head region of the sperm.

- It contains an enzyme ‘hyaluronidase’.

- This enzyme facilitates entry of the sperm into the egg by dissolving the wall of the ovum.


B. Nucleus:

- Nucleus of the sperms contains genetic material (22 + X/22 + Y chromosomes).

- During fertilization, the nucleus combines with the ovum containing 22 + X chromosome, thus restoring the normal number of 23 pairs.


C. Mitochondria:

- The mitochondria contained in the middle piece.

- It provides energy (ATP) for the activity of the sperm to swim.


D. Tail:

- The tail part helps the sperm for its forwards movement to cross the passage of the cervix

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