What is segregation of waste?

Asked by Rupal Sinha | 6th Dec, 2013, 08:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Segregation of waste is carried out to reduce the load of deposition of unwanted things in the environment.

Deposition of non-biodegradable things leads to pollution.

Waste can be segregated in two ways:

A. Biodegradable Watse and Non-biodegradable waste

Biodegradable Waste

Non-biodegradable Waste

Organic waste such as kitchen waste, remain of vegetables, dried flowers, leaves, papers which can be used to make manure.

Wastes such as recyclable waste such as metals, glass, plastic

Toix waste: medicines, material used in hospitals.


B. Dry Garbage and Wet Garbage

On domestic level, in our houses we can segregate dry and wet garbage. Wet garbage can be disposed off more frequently as it decomposes fast and may spread bad odour and can be the site for the growth of certain microorganisms.

Answered by Hemangi Binny | 9th Dec, 2013, 08:51: AM

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