What is second Ionisation enthalpy ? Which of the two elements Na and mg has higher Second ionisation enthalpy?

Asked by spuneet23 | 21st Sep, 2010, 10:56: AM

Expert Answer:

The second ionisation energy is the enthalpy change when 1 mole of gaseous ions of an element each with a single positive charge each lose an electron to form gaseous ions each with a double positive charge. It is the enthalpy change for the reaction:
+(g)---> M2+(g) + e
The  energy  needed to remove a second electron from a cation formed by remval of 1 valence electron is called second ionization energy
The second ionization energy for sodium is more as Na+ ion has stable octet configuration as well as completely filled orbitals
 Hence more energy is needed to remove an electron

Answered by  | 21st Sep, 2010, 01:30: PM

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