What is presbyopia? Can presbyopia treated by convex lens with suitable power?

Asked by mehaksri2001 | 11th Jan, 2017, 12:19: AM

Expert Answer:

  • With age, the power of accommodation decreases. For most people, the near point gradually recedes farther away. This defect is called presbyopia.
  • It arises due to gradual weakening of the ciliary muscles and reducing flexibility of the eye lens. In such case, simple reading eyeglasses with convex lenses correct most cases of presbyopia.
  • Sometimes, a person may suffer from both myopia and hypermetropia. Such people require a bi-focal lens.
  • The upper part of a bi-focal lens consists of concave lens facilitating distant vision, and the lower part consists of convex lens facilitating nearby vision.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 11th Jan, 2017, 10:40: AM

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