what is octrahedral voids? explian in brief. 

Asked by Shubham | 8th Sep, 2015, 05:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Octahedral void
In the same packing one half of the triangular voids in the first layer are occupied by spheres in the second layer while the other half remains unoccupied. The triangular voids ‘b’ in the first layer is overlapped by the triangular voids in the second layer. The interstitial void, formed by combination of two triangular voids of the first and second layer is called octahedral void because this is enclosed between six spheres centres of which occupy corners of a regular octahedron.
In octahedral Voids----In close packing, the number of octahedral voids is equal to the number of spheres. Thus, there is only one octahedral void associated with each sphere. Radius of the octahedral void in relation to the radius of the sphere is 0.414.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 8th Sep, 2015, 06:38: PM