What is nuclear energy

Name the process used for producing electricity using nuclear energy.

Asked by Alok | 7th Jan, 2018, 04:43: PM

Expert Answer:

nuclear energy is the energy released in nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactions.
In nuclear fission when neutron is bombarded with Uranium or thorium atom, this bomarded atom is getting split into fragments and also neutrons are ejected out. There is a mass imbalance between the reactants and the products. combined mass of products less than the combined mass of reactants. The difference in mass is released in the form of energy as per Einstein's relation E = Δm c2.
Nuclear fusion reactions are taking place among lighter nuclei like nuclei of hydrogen, helium at very high temperature (107 K).
lighter elements fused together to become new eelemnts and release of energy.
At present, nuclear fusion is exploited in nuclear reactor to get nuclear energy and by electrical energy is generated by energy conversion

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